Ready to Start?

The following steps will help you start improving your healthcare supply chain.

MM Assessment
  • 1. Download and review the MM Assessment, MM Playbook, and MM Toolbox materials.

  • 2. Contact the Ministry of Health (MoH) and key stakeholders to discuss potential Maturity Model (MM) supply chain candidates.

  • 3. In conjunction with the MoH and stakeholders, schedule “Hold” date(s) for supply chain assessment(s).

  • 4. Working with the MoH and stakeholders, identify individuals and supply chain entities required for the assessment team(s); compile contact information for team members.

  • 5. Contact potential assessment team members, requesting their participation in the designated assessments.

  • 6. Select assessment date based on team member availabilities, and share MM materials with those participants.

  • 7. Plan logistics for an in-person or virtual/remote MM assessment.

  • 8. All team members conduct research on the supply chain to be assessed; review in the context of the MM categories and plan how to secure accurate, insightful information.

  • 9. Create in-person assessment materials, if applicable (e.g., print posters/flipcharts of MM questions).

  • 10. Confirm all logistics details are as expected/contracted.

  • 11. Send a “Welcome” email to team members; provide specific logistics details and directions for the assessment.

  • 12. Conduct assessment training with team members prior to the assessment.

  • 13. Conduct the assessment and review output.

  • 14. Develop an improvement plan and undertake improvement actions.

  • 15. Schedule a repeat assessment.

If you would like more guidance regarding conducting an assessment and pursuing improvements, ASCM can help.
Please contact ASCM for assistance.