Maturity Model

Maturity models are based on the premise that achieving overall supply chain excellence requires many small steps of continuous process improvement. The ASCM Global Health Supply Chain Maturity Model provides a framework for organizing and prioritizing changes to a healthcare supply chain. The Maturity Model also helps teams engaged in those improvements to plan and collaborate effectively with partner organizations in allocating resources and implementing sustainable changes.

The ASCM Global Health Supply Chain Maturity Model:

  • Focuses efforts on improving weakest-link constraints.
  • Helps teams stay focused on the weakest link(s), which change as a supply chain matures.
  • Highlights areas in which maturity inhibits the supply chain’s ability to function in a given market environment.

Repeated assessments at frequent intervals can drive ongoing improvements, identify new constraints as they emerge, and increase overall performance of the supply chain.

To review the Maturity Model assessment categories and questions,
please go to the ASCM GHSC Demonstration Site.

To review sample Maturity Model assessment output and graphs,
please go to the ASCM GHSC Output Demonstration Page.