COVID-19 Response: ASCM has developed a virtual/remote version of the ASCM Global Health Supply Chain Initiative to expand and accelerate improvement for healthcare supply chains during the pandemic. Find out more here.

The ASCM Global Health Supply Chain (GHSC) Initiative leverages a simple, cloud-based supply chain Maturity Model (MM) to help public, private, and NGO professionals dramatically improve performance across country, region, and community healthcare supply chains. This microsite offers healthcare and supply chain professionals the tools necessary to:

Use an easy-to-complete self-assessment to evaluate the maturity, performance, and gaps in specific healthcare supply chains.

Leverage assessment outputs to develop meaningful, low-cost supply chain improvement projects.

Conduct post-assessment activities to sustain continuous improvement (e.g., tracking improvement projects, documenting outcomes, and updating stakeholders).

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COVID-19 Response:
All GHSC Initiative improvement activities can now be conducted in person OR virtually/remotely. Find out more here.

Learn more about the Maturity Model here.

To review the Maturity Model assessment categories and questions,
please go to the ASCM GHSC Demonstration Site.


Document, online, and poster sized versions of the assessment questionnaire


Support materials to plan for and complete an assessment, including pre-assessment training guides


Tools to interpret assessment outputs and define and undertake improvement projects


Tool to visualize supply chain maturity, review past assessment data, and track supply chain transformations